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2-day course SUP

Our goal is to teach all the basics in paddeling so you can go on lakes, rivers and even seas.

Course Content for 2-days:
- Introduction
- Getting to know the material
- How to start in water
- Standing positions on the board
- Paddeling techniques while Standing
- Paddeling techniques while kneeing
- Basic forward stroke
- Halt
- Wide stroke
- Pulling Stroke
- On- and Offside Turns
- Correct handling of potential danger
- Basic Safety on Whitewater Rivers
- Entering and Exiting Eddies
- Crossing a River (facing upstream)
- Correct (safe) swimming in moving water (whitewater)
- Signalling on water

On the first day we start on the lake where you will spend most of your time either on the board or in the water. You will learn the basics while learning how to get on the board when swimming.
Most importantly you learn how to balance yourself on the board while standing.
The best way to do this all, is by playing games and moving around a lot. The most important part in learning a new sport is having fun doing it.
The second day starts in medium white water and will test you on your balancing skills and paddeling techniques.
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