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Trips for Cracks

Our level 3 canyoning trips are for crackheads and pro's. You should already have gathered enough experience from previous trips as these ones will challenge you and your body to the extreme.

As the approx. time of duration is about 7 hours, your body should be used to strenuous effort.

Sure-footedness and no fear of heights are obligatory as the abseiling trips are up to and over 50m high.

For your safety we demand proof of successful completion of a level 2 Trip.

However: Do not let us scare you off by this introduction - It helps if your body was prepared by previous easier trips.
There are no better trips than within the level 3.
So, lets go and book a trip!! :)
Fotos (7)
Level 3 04
Eine Canyoning Route der Extraklasse im unglaublichem Panorama der Gesäuseberge!
High Fight
High Flight für Cracks die sehr gute Kondition und Canyoning Erfahrungen mitbringen.