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Liquid Lifestyle Kids Camp

Does your child have a love for adrenaline? Has passion for outdoors, rivers, mountains? Does it get excited when it hears WHITE WATER? This opportunity is for your kid!

We are happy to provide a UNIQUE holiday for family & kids! Your kid gets 7 days in beautiful Wildalpen! For half a day each we provide a full emotion package including kayaking, rafting and canyoning!

During this course we are going to teach following skills:

  • Introduction
  • Basic equipment knowledge
  • subjective and objective dangers and how to avoid them on the river
  • evaluation of difficulty
  • Boat control
  • Forward paddle and counter stroke
  • High and low braces
  • Eddy usage from basic to moderate difficulty
  • ESKIMO ROLL workshops!!!!

The course is performed on the whitewater river Salza. In general, day by day the focus moves around and the level of difficulty grows higher providing an exciting, fun and challenging development program.

The course will be led by Bartosz Czauderna, which gives you a chance to paddle with a professional kayaker with numerous Freestyle achievements and Creeking experience in organized expeditions.




Day 1 "Introduction to kayaking. Weichselboden - Stausee":
Every proper kayaking activity starts with a so called warm up paddle, for our course this is the day on the lake. Here we get familiar with the new environment - learning boat control, paddling forwards and backwards, learning how to go where we want to go, playing games and trying to exit the boat fort he first time.

Day 2 "Lets get it rolling! Gschöder - Wildalpen + Pool Eskimoroll workshop"
First whitewater experience, getting familiar with river, flows and defining first eddies in the morning followed by a session in the afternoon at the swimming pool learning eskimo roll skills.

Day 3 „It floats! Day of Whitewater rafting"
Rafting down the Salza from Wildalpen to Petrus

Day 4 "Whitewater kayaking"
Redefining the skills we gained on the first two days of kayaking, diving deeper into going down from Stausee to Wildalpen.

Day 5 "Exploration & kajak polo! Wildalpen - Fachwerk"
Transfering previously achieved skills into moderate whitewater when meeting challenges of first class II/III whitewater in the morning and coming back to the pool for a second workshop on eskimoroll and - kayak polo match!

Day 6 „Into the canyon! Basic level canyoning"
First experience in going through the canyon, slides and jumps, like a big natural aquapark!

Day 7  "Fachwerk-Erzhalden"
Getting comfortable in whitewater, looking at the same water from different perspectives, trying different lines.

 €425,- not including equipment
There is a possibility to rent high-end equipment from top brands for just 25euro/day including transport!

Accomodation is not included! However we recommend staying at following places in Wildalpen:

  • Campingplatz Wildalpen:
    (prices starting at 10.7 eur/ night per person, does not include camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat etc.)
  • Hotel Bergkristall:
    (prices starting 58 eur /night for double room)

Please note, that the course will start after reaching an amount of 5 participants. The plan might get minor changes due to water levels and weather conditions.

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