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Canyoning Level 1

Our level 1 Canyoning trips are ideal for all beginners and guests who would like to try out canyoning. The individual canyons are suitable for families and our canyoning guides can take children from the age of 12 on. (In accordance to their overall health constitution.

Short access steps to the canyoning and easy abseiling are clear features of the level 1 tours.

The maximum jump height is 4.5 m and all jumps can either be circumvented or abseil.

Canyoning in Level I is actually for every person and guarantees an unforgettable experience!

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Level 2 04
One of the most beautiful tours in our region.
Canyoning 053
The seven dwarfs
Klein aber fein, das ist wohl die beste Charateristik, die man dieser Canyoningtour zuweisen kann.
Rafting-Canyoning-Abenteuer-2 Tage-01
2 days adventure "all-inclusive"
2 Tage das Leben geniessen wie es sein sollte...!